UAE judgment for sale
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Judgment For Sale

His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has urged judges and prosecutors to administer justice with integrity and loyalty, to respect laws in Dubai and to value people, whether plaintiffs or defendants, considering human dignity and their rights as ‘red lines’ that should not be crossed or compromised because "our religion, Arab and human values don’t tolerate that". Read More.

ETISALAT, UAE, seek justice after alleged fraud

ETISALAT, no doubt, is a governmental body into fraudulent practices with a total lack of transparency, inherent in an autocratic rule. With a contrast of approach to various legal situations, do they stand justified in seeking justice after all? Or in their attempt to hold someone else accountable when the tide has turned against them, as happened in India? Full Text

UAE_Mansoor.jpgImprisonment in itself is a very torturous word, and its meaning further intensifies if you are lodged in prisons on the contrary to the Law and Judicial decisions of the highest Court in the country. This site brings you word-to-word account of what goes behind the walls of some of famous (infamous) prisons of UAE.

Lots of blogs and websites have been dedicated to the inmates lodged at various prisons across the world. There are very few chronicles which document the life of prisoners lodged in various... Read more

Many democracies have allowed their ties with repressive allies to temper their support for human rights in the Arab Spring protests, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2012. For reasons of principle and long-term interest, governments should stand firm with the people of the Middle East and North Africa when they demand their basic rights and work to ensure the transition to genuine democracies.

The 676-page report, Human Rights Watch’s annual review of human rights practices,....View Features










UAE envoy caught while smuggling $2m gold to India

New Delhi, Mar 12 : A senior diplomat working in United Arab Emirates Mission was caught allegedly attempting to smuggle about 37 kg of gold jewellery, valued at least Rs 11 crore, at the international airport here.   Read More >>

Smear campaign launched by the Emirati authorities

29 January 2013 It appears that 'national security' has been used as a pretext by the Emirati authorities to stifle dissent and repress all activists asking for democratic reforms and respect for human rights. 28 January 2013 - Today, the human r…   Read More >>

United Arab Emirates to try 94 accused of trying to seize power

The United Arab Emirates will try 94 people on charges of seeking to seize power, the UAE's state news agency WAM reported Sunday.   Read More >>

UAE upbraids European Parliament over human rights resolution

The United Arab Emirates has condemned a European Parliament resolution criticising its human rights record as "biased and prejudiced", accusing the chamber of insufficient research   Read More >>
August 15th
“Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Abu Dhabi Police-Looting in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates” Abu Dhabi: Shop burgled by a policeman in plain clothes, US$ .4m worth money and valuables looted! Statement on the occasion of the 20th Annivers…
December 27th
Unique is the case of ‘Judgment Creditor’; disgracefully the perpetrator is the ‘Executive Branch of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates’ – White Paper Saturday, December 27, 2014: New Delhi ‘Download the authentic White Paper in…
August 25th
  ‘UAE behind airstrikes in Libya; a naked violation of Libyan sovereignty’ August 25, 2014 Reparation News The U.S. officials confirmed that the United Arab Emirates’ jets secretly launched two attacks in seven days on the Islamist…

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