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ETISALAT, UAE, seek justice after alleged fraud

Posted by admin on February 29, 2012

The greed of the devil for making money by corrupting individuals, corporations or even a country is a never ending process; and its activities are spreading over the entire universe.

UAE’s state owned Telecommunication Corporation, ETISALAT, has filed civil case in Mumbai High Court against its local joint venture partners in ETISALAT-DB, to recover $900 million. The license of ETISALAT and Dynamix Balwas Group (EDB) was terminated (along with another 121 firms) by the Supreme Court of India last month, citing inappropriate methods to obtain license.

One cannot be wrong in presuming that ETISALAT, an Abu Dhabi-based telecoms firm had joined hands with their former promoters and manipulated them a tool to obtain the 2G license - and thereby make unlawful gains from them. But when their fingers got burnt in a country with laid down rules of law and set principles, ETISALAT cries fowl for "JUSTICE”!

The rulers of Abu Dhabi, UAE, are at the helm of affairs of ETISALAT. The major Internet Service Provider (ISP) in that country, ETISALAT employs Smart-Filter software to block websites that express alternative political or religious views by free-minded individuals.

The Emirate is at a pivotal position in establishing and promoting the “Camel Race” of UAE. The promos for their Phone Card launch in 2005, designed and marketed by ETISALAT is an indisputable proof of their illegal practice of promoting the ‘Camel Race’, wherein the puny Camel Jockey heroes (aged between 2 years and 5 years) are prominently visible.

camel_jockey.JPGThe tiny jockeys who compete in camel races are victims of a horrible slave trade. They are beaten, mistreated and, in some cases, sexually abused too. They have been kidnapped or sold into slavery as mere infants. In addition to enduring inhumane living conditions and beatings, the boys are intentionally starved to keep their weight down. Weakened from undernourishment, some are maimed or killed while trying to pilot the 1500-pound camels. [The multi-fold dangers of the Camel Race by engaging puny boys have already been brought to the attention of the world community through the site ""]

It’s no secret that Human Rights Violations are rampant in the UAE. All pro-democratic activities are crushed under the iron hand of the UAE Government; and even people like the “Black Water” with dubious distinction are invited to the UAE, to add strength to resist the “Arab Spring” - slowly but surely entering their territory. UAE is always protected by the “Arab Exception”, a very strong iron shield which even the ‘Human Rights Watch’ or any other NGO of similar status in the world could not touch, let alone penetrate or break into.

An Indian investor was entangled in a fraudulent case in the UAE, with a false police complaint made against him. He had to undergo extremes of cruel torture and humiliation from the Abu Dhabi police that one cannot withstand.  However, he was spared from death. When his case came up for hearing before the Apex Court of Abu Dhabi; the Jury declared him as innocent and the court directed the authorities to prosecute the policeman involved and also the plaintiff - for being guilty of deception.

The Court having been convinced about the innocence of the case quoted the Islamic Law that should be practiced by every one following the Islam Religion. An excerpt from the Judgment follows: “Verily the Islamic Law and the entire Positive Laws have honored Man and protected his freedom, his honor, his property and his soul”. Hence, if a man is killed while protecting these, he is considered to be a martyr. And limitation of his freedom without any rights is an unforgiving crime (this is mentioned in the provisions of articles 2 and 3 of the Penal Procedures Code). And it has been proved in this case that the policemen along with the plaintiff proceeded to “arrest” the accused to limit his right to freedom".

The Court ruled that the UAE officials compensate the accused, for all the losses caused to by him due to this false case, and redeem his dignity, honor and every fraction of damages to the reputations of his establishments amassed over time through hard work and honorable deeds.  But instead of honoring the verdict of the Court, the UAE officials, with the connivance of the UAE Police, committed the grave and heinous act of deporting him back to India, in total disregard of the pronouncements made by the highest Court of the land.

UAE is a nation which has a history of not respecting the Judiciary and bypassing the Law.  Therefore, one feels it a contradiction that the same UAE officials who denied justice to an innocent man (a victim of unethical practices in an authoritarian land, despite clear and specific orders of the Apex Court of that country) is now frantically seeking “JUSTICE” in India for recovering the loss that they claim to have suffered in the 2G spectrum trading; a scam that rocked the telecom industry and cost the Indian exchequer a massive $40bn!

ETISALAT, no doubt, is a governmental body into fraudulent practices with a total lack of transparency, inherent in an autocratic rule.  With a contrast of approach to various legal situations, do they stand justified in seeking justice after all? Or in their attempt to hold someone else accountable when the tide has turned against them, as happened in India?

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