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The news in a nutshell "UAE strips 6 of citizenship over sec

The news in a nutshell "UAE strips 6 of citizenship over sec

Postby admin » Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:17 am

The empathy and courage shown by The Times of India, in bringing the pathetic plight of these six men of the soil of UAE is most welcome. It is hoped that the other media having to their credit a great history, commitment and determination would also come forward to support those innocent victims in the UAE, Gulf - Middle East, who are being crushed by the autocratic rulers of the country.

Walter Miller
UAE strips six of citizenship citing security threat
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Re: The news in a nutshell "UAE strips 6 of citizenship over

Postby Philip John » Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:21 am

"The report quite is alarming. I wonder where the six unfortunate citizens can go. They belong to a well-known tribe of the UAE itself. The iron fist of the rulers of the UAE is more exposed. It would appear that whatever movements for pro-democracy had taken place around them in countries like Libya, Egypt or Libya for a rule of democracy, the ruling Sheikhs of the UAE will not change their stand. A solution is not seen any where near. An extreme movement like the blood-shed revolution that eliminated the ‘Czar of Russia' may, perhaps, be the one and only ultimate solution for all the anti-democratic and Human Rights violations prevalent in the UAE.

Philip John
Philip John

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