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ETISALAT, UAE, seek justice after alleged fraud

ETISALAT, UAE, seek justice after alleged fraud

Postby admin » Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:45 am

The greed of the devil for making money by corrupting individuals, corporations or even a country is a never ending process; and its activities are spreading over the entire universe.

UAE’s state owned Telecommunication Corporation, ETISALAT, has filed civil case in Mumbai High Court against its local joint venture partners in ETISALAT-DB, to recover $900 million.

The license of ETISALAT and Dynamix Balwas Group (EDB) was terminated (along with another 121 firms) by the Supreme Court of India last month, citing inappropriate methods to obtain license.

One cannot be wrong in presuming that ETISALAT, an Abu Dhabi-based telecoms firm had joined hands with their former promoters and manipulated them a tool to obtain the 2G license - and thereby make unlawful gains from them. But when their
fingers got burnt in a country with laid down rules of law and set principles, ETISALAT cries fowl for "JUSTICE”!

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Re: ETISALAT, UAE, seek justice after alleged fraud

Postby Somaiya » Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:10 am

The ETISALAT-Swan Telecom

The ETISALAT-Swan Telecom affair is their international expedition to amass massive wealth. Their cunning farsightedness made certain economic work-outs. They surely knew that India is a country where more than the majority of the population are mobile phone users and that once their proposed tie-up with Swan Telecom becomes a reality, they could make immense profit. It is towards this end that they engaged Swan Telecom to get the deal fixed, by hook or crook. Once things turned adverse and the fraud detected, ETISALAT withdrew from the scene, pretending to be the most honest people.

R. Somaiya, Hyderabad

Re: ETISALAT, UAE, seek justice after alleged fraud

Postby Amrish » Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:11 am

UAE's ETISALAT Seeks Justice

In the UAE, “justice is what they think is right for them”. Innocent people, who are designated by the UAE officials as “criminals” are dealt with the “savage law” of that country and are put untold miseries. We have many countries in the world, their rules, laws and culture are different. But there is one thing in common, all human beings are alike in their physical nature. Cut the veins of an Indian, an European, an American, an African, some one from Japan, Malaysia or Colombo. In the case of every person, one thing is unique: “the color of their blood is red”.

If ETISALAT of the UAE aspire for justice from another country, it is only fair that they must be prepared to compromise to come to a common form and accept at least the common laws of the rest of the countries in the universe.

Amrish Singh, Rajkot

Re: ETISALAT, UAE, seek justice after alleged fraud

Postby Ranjit » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:33 pm

The UAE, being the primary perpetrators of limiting 'freedom of expression' on the internet, the western technology service provider is also equally responsible for the 'misuse' by the end customer of its software. Therefore, BOTH are culpable of human rights violation and partners in the 'axis of evil' initiated by UAE.

The software suppliers CANNOT exonerate themselves from the fact that even though they claim not to have any direct responsibility on its "misuse" by the end users - be it a corporate or a state in the Middle-East with a record of human rights violation, any violation(s) of the state by curbing the right to 'freedom of expression' on the internet shall ultimately boomerang back to them.(albeit the fact that their sale deed specifies that their culpability ends - once the legal formalities are complete with the sale transaction.

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