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Letter From Ahmed Elsir

My name is Ahmed Elsir Hassan Humida. A Sudanese national who been born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, and lived there till my mid late twenties. My family been residing and living in U.A.E for more than thirty years. Read More >>

About Help Desk

The 'Boycott UAE' Help Desk is a Joint collaboration of 'Lawyers India' and 'Legal Cell' in respect of legal matters of the non resident Indians (NRIs) working in various capacities, across the world. To put it in common parlance, it is a body formed to redress the grievances of the 'Survivors of gross human rights abuses' in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This cell will mainly deal with matters containing legal issues, where mediation is required for amicable settlement out of court and if necessary, conducting litigation before the courts or tribunals. The main aim of this newly formed cell, will be to expedite justice, very economically and the aggrieved party will have the confidence that his or her complaint is being looked into in the most professional manner.

Another point to be specifically mentioned here is that, advice and consultation will be free of cost, while in cases where litigation is absolutely necessary, and if the aggrieved party agrees to the suggested fee structure, only then will the cell start judicial proceedings. In cases where immediate action is required, the cell will ensure that action is taken post haste, by way of the telephones, fax or E-mail.


The Boycott UAE reserves the right to check this desk and to delete or modify any information or materials that are unlawful, abusive, advertisements or other commercial messages, defamatory, indecent or otherwise objectionable to us. We also reserve the right to permanently block any user who violates these terms. Learn more at terms & privacy here

What You Can Do to Help:

Dedicated professionals are encouraged to send us your contributions on legal and law related subjects/experiences or current affairs. We are committed ourselves in highlighting the trauma and pain felt by the helpless victims. If you are a legal expert/owner of a Law firm, and would like to be one of our volunteers, kindly join our group of legal experts.

We thank all those people and organizations who have helped us with news and research. Our research is on-going and we expect all likeminded people will continue to help us with their valuable excerpts to raise voice against the atrocities of UAE government.


We request you to send your articles (Register) / feedbacks (Comments) separately

Kindly contact us for any further information. Contact

Technical enquiries should be addressed to: Technology Division


The Case of Ahhmed Elsir Hassan, UAE

We have gone through the sad plight of Mr. Ahmed Elsir Hassan Humida. His case is briefly analyzed as under: - (The same, along with his original mail may be taken for a detailed examination and advice).   Read More >>