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Lots of blogs and websites have been dedicated to the inmates lodged at various prisons across the world. There are very few chronicles which document the life of prisoners lodged in various jails across United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The articles on lives of inmates lodged in UAE prison will be updated from here on. None of the facts are exaggerated, and none of the stories have been tailored in order to dramatize the experiences. All these articles are the one-on-one account of prison life as told by people who have served in the prisons of United Arab Emirates.

We will be adding accounts of life of prisoners who are currently lodged in some of the UAE prisons as well some who have already served their terms in contrary to the UAE Law.

Full Text: Testimonials - An Introduction

What You Can Do to Help:

Dedicated professionals are encouraged to send us your contributions on legal and law related subjects/experiences or current affairs. We are committed ourselves in highlighting the trauma and pain felt by the helpless victims.

If you are a legal expert/owner of a Law firm, and would like to be one of our volunteers, kindly join our group of legal experts.

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