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It is time the world community of nations realize their commitment and responsibilities toward the humanity, especially the innocent civilians in the Middle Eastern countries and intervene to give justice to them.  All that the people in those countries are struggling for long and wanted to have is a little breath of freedom – a freedom that could be established through a democratic setup.

(From A Review of True Experience – Testimonials)

In sharp contrast with countries abiding by the Rule of Law, those who live and work in the UAE do not have the protection of Law. Those who have access to the corridors of power can violate the Law with impurity. Due to various considerations, economic and political, the countries from where people migrate do not protect their citizens

False Arrests and Imprisonments: Crimes Against the People

A website under the name “” had been set up to expose some of the inhuman treatment of the UAE authorities in general and in particular the police department and the prosecution, especially with regards to the NON-EXECUTION of a Judgment of the highest Court of UAE, based in Abu Dhabi.

Enforcement of Legal Judgments - United Arab Emirates.  Press Release


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