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Posted by admin on January 30, 2013

UAE envoy caught while smuggling $2m gold to India

New Delhi, Mar 12 : A senior diplomat working in United Arab Emirates Mission was caught allegedly attempting to smuggle about 37 kg of gold jewellery, valued at least Rs 11 crore, at the international airport here.   Read More >>

Smear campaign launched by the Emirati authorities

29 January 2013 It appears that 'national security' has been used as a pretext by the Emirati authorities to stifle dissent and repress all activists asking for democratic reforms and respect for human rights. 28 January 2013 - Today, the human rights record of the United Arab Emirates will be reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council as the situation in the country continues to deteriorate. On this occasion, the undersigned organisations call on Human Rights Council member-states to urge the …   Read More >>

United Arab Emirates to try 94 accused of trying to seize power

The United Arab Emirates will try 94 people on charges of seeking to seize power, the UAE's state news agency WAM reported Sunday.   Read More >>

UAE upbraids European Parliament over human rights resolution

The United Arab Emirates has condemned a European Parliament resolution criticising its human rights record as "biased and prejudiced", accusing the chamber of insufficient research   Read More >>

UAE turns to deportation to silence regime's critics

"It seems that arbitrary arrests, detentions and criminal trials against those who oppose the government are no longer enough. Now the authorities are trying to silence their critics by threatening to strip them of their citizenship and deport them."    Read More >>

UAE Tries to Muffle Critical Human Rights Report

Officials in the United Arab Emirates have attempted to prevent a leading rights group from publicizing a report that criticizes the UAE's record on free speech.    Read More >>

UAE strips six of citizenship citing security threat

The United Arab Emirates has revoked the citizenship of six nationals whom it said posed a threat to national security, but the men said they were being punished for demanding political reform in the oil-rich monarchy   Read More >>

Freed UAE Activists Vow to Press Reform Campaign

Abu Dhabi: Seven months in prison for signing an internet petition is not stopping five United Arab Emirates activists from pressing for reforms. Just after they were convicted, pardoned and released, they vowed to campaign for more freedom in the tightly ruled Gulf union, the Associated Press reports.    Read More >>

UAE: Prison Sentence for Activists an Attack on Free Expression

Today the Emirati government has shown that its rulers can tolerate no criticism. Luxury high-rises and international museums or universities can’t whitewash a government that jails citizens who call for peaceful reform. Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch Update: On the evening of November 28, UAE authorities released all five activists .   Read More >>

UAE: End ‘travesty of justice’ for five convicted over President insults

Amnesty International has urged the United Arab Emirates’ authorities to immediately release five activists following their conviction today by the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi for insulting government officials.   Read More >>

UAE activists jailed for reform demands

UAE activists jailed for reform demands, Five pro-democracy activists have been given prison terms of up to three years after calling for political reform in the United Arab Emirates   Read More >>

Saif bin Zayed, Indian Interior Minister discuss relations

Saif bin Zayed, Indian Interior Minister discuss relations   Read More >>

UAE court verdict on rights activists next month

An Emirati court said Sunday that it will next month issue its verdict in the trial of five activists accused of insulting top officials as the defendants continue to boycott the hearings.   Read More >>

Obama hails death of Muammar Gaddafi as foreign policy success.

President warns other Middle Eastern dictators, particularly Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, that they could be next    Read More >>

UAE activists boycott 'unfair' trial

Five men charged with insulting officials refuse to attend hearing in trial rights group call "fundamentally unfair". Front Line Defenders and Human Rights Watch said the trial had "violated the most basic defence rights of the accused".    Read More >>

The Arab League resurfaces

Amid the West Asian and North African turmoil, the League of Arab States has begun to raise its profile, a development that bodes well for the whole region. Prompted by popular uprisings, by the Nato-inspired attempt at regime change in Libya, and by the brutalities governments in the region have inflicted on protesters, a committee of the Arab Parliament, to which the League's 22 members send representatives, has recently taken public positions on several key issues. It has proposed suspending …   Read More >>

Law above all, Justice for all, says UAE President

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has stressed that the UAE values the role of judges in spreading justice among people.   Read More >>

Hillary Clinton calls on countries to boycott Syria

US wants nations with close economic links to Bashar al-Assad's regime to follow it in sanctioning Syria's oil and gas industry   Read More >>

UAE Must Free Detained Activists

The hypocrisy of the UAE rulers now came to the attention of public through human rights advocates, particularly the democratic activists, made efforts to have a change over of the dictatorial rule prevalent in the country. These efforts were also in line with the peaceful demonstrations and activities which were taken place in the area.   Read More >>

A Review of True Experience – Testimonials

A UAE royal family member, who holds absolute political power in the ministry of interior since 1994, found sadistic pleasure in ensuring that only rotten food in which live worms move around, is served to the prisoners. The prison officials obeyed such commands and the prisoners were not capable of protesting. Can any one imagine eating such meals? Absolutely not. But the cruel practice continued. The law of the land enabled him to exert any type of cruelty on the hapless prisoners.   Read More >>

Press Release

A website under the name “” had been set up to expose some of the inhuman treatment of the UAE authorities in general and in particular the police department and the prosecution, especially with regards to the NON-EXECUTION of a Judgment of the highest Court of UAE, based in Abu Dhabi.   Read More >>

UAE Case Diary

There are very many cases involving violation of Human Rights in the UAE but which are not noticeable easily to the outside world. A high handed action of the UAE officials is to be added to the list of such violations of Human Rights.   Read More >>

Lawmakers Ask Hillary Clinton to Explain Erik Prince's Mercenaries in the UAE

Five members of Congress have called on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to clarify if Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s recently disclosed deal to provide a small mercenary army to the United Arab Emirates complies with US law and export regulations. “We question whether private US citizens should be involved in    Read More >>

"In this day and age, with all that is going on in the region, it is
disturbing and absurd that the UAE is prosecuting activists
simply because they spoke out for democracy,"

Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch


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