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Press Release

Posted by admin on July 7, 2011

'Enforcement of Legal Judgment in the UAE'

Press Release Dated: 07th Jul, 2011

The following text of great importance in your esteemed daily, for information of the general public

A website under the name “” had been set up to expose some of the inhuman treatment of the UAE authorities in general and in particular the police department and the prosecution, especially with regards to the NON-EXECUTION of a Judgment of the highest Court of UAE, based in Abu Dhabi.

The said website was inaccessible for the last few days, as it was hacked by unknown UAE hackers, to protect their illegal inhuman activities from further exposure.

In the said case, the victim–-an Indian businessman and investor who was in trading and general contracting for over 18 years in Abu Dhabi, UAE--was inhumanly tortured to the extreme by persons close to the regime of Abu Dhabi.

When the matter came up before the judiciary, both the lower and the apex court of the country had ordered the prosecution of the officials responsible for the victimization of the Indian businessman and to compensate the victim the losses he suffered and restore his former status. Interestingly, the UAE authorities, in a highhanded manner, ignored the court orders and with impunity, deported the Indian businessman instead.

It is sad to say, the order of the highest Court of Appeals of Abu Dhabi has not been executed despite the various efforts through all possible channels. (More details of the case).

By hacking the website, the country has shown their tyrannical influence once again. It is only just and proper that the issue is well publicized.  Moreover, the judgment of the Apex Court of UAE to restore the status, dignity and prestige of the victim should be executed without further delay.  It is the honest intention on the part of the victim that the type of cruelty meted out to him in this case shall not be repeated in a country, which boasts about their Human Rights record.

Meanwhile this unlawful and inhuman approach of the UAE Government must be made known to all and must also be probed into.

View some of the excerpts from the Judgment:-

Conspiracy of Abu Dhabi Police - Proved 
Wrongful Arrest of a Victim - Proved
Torture of a Victim - Proved
The Unfair Play of Public Prosecutor - Proved
The Court of Appeal, Abu Dhabi predicted the
victim here-in as a 'Martyr' in this illegal action of Abu Dhabi police (Read More)


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Enforcement of Legal Judgments - United Arab Emirates. 

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