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Statement from Emirati detainee Dr.Nasser bin Ghaith

Dr.Nasser bin Ghaith, a lecturer at the Abu Dhabi branch of Paris’ Sorbonne University. “He wrote in a blog post before his arrest, ‘benefits and handouts’ assuming their citizens are not like other Arabs or other human beings, who see freedom as a need no less significant than other physical needs,”

A statement from bin Ghaith was leaked from al-Wathba prison, declaring that he and the other defendants would boycott the October 02 hearing because the court was a “farce and facade meant to legitimise and make credible verdicts and penalties that may have already been decided”.

 ”It is purely an attempt to punish me and those with me for our political opinions and our stances on certain national issues. Thus, I refuse to play the role written for me or to participate in this trial” he said, explaining the boycott”.

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Case against UAE insider stuns political activists

Nasser bin Ghaith

Nasser Bin Ghaith

(AP)  DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Nasser bin Gaith wouldn’t seem to fit the image of an angry Arab Spring activist.

The 42-year-old Emirati, a decorated former air force pilot who holds degrees in law and international trade, comes from a prominent Dubai family with a long history of serving its rulers. He’s lectured at one of the country’s showcase institutions, the Abu Dhabi branch of Paris’ Sorbonne university, and worked as a legal adviser for the Emirates’ armed forces.

Yet the United Arab Emirates now considers him a potential enemy of the state.

The case of Bin Gaith and four others returned to court Sunday in Abu Dhabi, where they face accusations of threatening the UAE’s stability by joining Internet campaigns calling for a greater public voice in the country’s affairs.

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U.A.E : The life of a prisoner of conscience at stake

Attempts to assault Ahmed Mansour in Al-Wathba prison and depriving him from health care

Cairo – First Published on August 1st 2011

ANHRI said today that Emirati authorities have to stop abusing the Emirati prisoner of conscience, blogger and activist Ahmed Mansour. He has been ill treated to the extent that he was not provided health care. Although he is still under pending trial confinement, he was held with sentenced criminal convicts after being released from solitary confinement; which had been an unjustified and arbitrary punishment in itself.

It has come to ANHRI’s knowledge that Ahmed Mansour is not only facing terrible conditions imposed by the prison administration, but is also facing incitement by a number of prisoners to assault him inside his cell. It was intended to look like a fight inside the prison, but all these attempts failed due to Mansour’s maturity and calmness, which deprived Al-Wathba prison administration in Abu Dhabi city from abusing him even more.

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UAE: Kidnapping The Prominent Blogger Ahmed Mansour Sparked A Crackdown On Internet Activists

Egyptian Human Rights Organizations Demand That UAE Authorities  Release  Ahmed Mansour , Fahd alShehhi , Nasser Bin Gheith and Abdullah Al Shehhi

Cairo: First Published on  April 19th , 2011

The Egyptian human rights organizations signatories to this statement today, strongly denounced the crackdown launched by the UAE authorities in the past few days against Internet activists, especially those who signed a national petition issued in March 2011 demanding political reforms. On Aprill 15th ,security services arrested the human rights activist and one of the signatories of the petition Abdullah alShehhi .  A week earlier on April 8, the human rights activist and prominent blogger Ahmed Mansour was arrested from his home  as well as the activist Internet Fahd Salem Al-Shehhi who was arrested on April 9 evening. On April 10 , security arrested the internet activist and financial and economic analyst Nasser Bin Gheith  without giving any reasons or pressing charges against  any of them.

Activist and blogger Ahmad Mansour has been subjected to severe harassment by UAE authorities after he signed the petition demanding political reforms and a real role for the  parliament as he declared on a TV show. Firsr Mansour received death threats and at the same time a decision was taken by Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications, in which Etisalat is a major shareholder , to  move him to the company’s branch in Pakistan.

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UAE: Government Detains Human Rights Defender

(Beirut) – United Arab Emirates authorities should immediately disclose the whereabouts of leading rights activist Ahmed Mansoor, the reason for his detention, and any charges against him, Human Rights Watch said. Human Rights Watch is concerned that the detention on April 8, 2011, of Mansoor, a prominent blogger and vocal human rights advocate who recently called for political freedoms and an elected parliament in the UAE, is politically motivated.

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Ahmed Mansoor: A leading rights activist in the UAE

Mansoor is a member of Human Rights Watch Middle East advisory committee. He was arrested arbitrarily by the UAE police on April 08 and are holding him at Al Wathba prison in Abu Dhabi. Many other activists were taken to undisclosed locations by UAE state security forces. Mansoor has been a vocal proponent of a petition submitted in March to UAE authorities demanding democratic reform. His blog was called “Oppressed Emirati Citizen” in which he has criticised situations in the UAE and documented a number of human rights violations

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False Arrests and Imprisonments: Crimes Against the People

Imprisonment in itself is a very torturous word, and its meaning further intensifies if you are lodged in prisons on the contrary to the Law and Judicial decisions of the highest Court in the country. This site brings you word-to-word account of what goes behind the walls of some of famous (infamous) prisons of UAE.

Lots of blogs and websites have been dedicated to the inmates lodged at various prisons across the world. There are very few chronicles which document the life of prisoners lodged in various jails across United Arab Emirates (UAE).
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